Performance, speed and awesome power are the preserve of Mercury’s 250, 225, and 200 V6 EFI two-strokes which are direct descendents of the racing engines that continue to dominate powerboat racing all over the world. Carburetor models in the 90 and 75 hp range are sophisticated power packs.

Enjoy the easy starting, smooth idling and precise reaction to the throttle. Integral power trim gets you up on the plane fast and loop-charged induction improves fuel economy and power across the entire RPM range. This is peak performance, Mercury style. Performance that’s never been bettered. The triple, two-cylinder and single-cylinder Mercury performers, from 60 hp through to 2.5 hp, owe all to the perfectionists who engineered them without compromise. Outboards engineered for absolute boating excellence. This is power to do everything well. So when you want to include everyone in the fun, you’ll be glad you’ve got Mercury on your side.

Without Compromise  
The two-stroke of the middle class knows every trick
This choice adds even more fun on the water